“He was really a lover, passionate about football”, recalls Alain Giresse

The former player of the France team, winner of Euro 84, played when Michel Hidalgo was coach. He describes his kindness, passion and love for the game.

“He was really a lover, passionate about football”, remembers Thursday March 26 on Franceinfo Alain Giresse, former player of the France team under the orders of Michel Hidalgo, died at the age of 87 years.

Former Euro 1984 winner describes coach at the time as a man “obsessed” through football, which has “built” the 1980s French team. “It was something”, sums up Alain Giresse. “It was he who imposed me [in the French team], who gave me the opportunity to join the team and beyond, it was he who built our team with his philosophy of the game. He knew how to relax us and give us confidence “, explains the former French international. “We had a game which was both a quality game and which proved to be effective since we managed to be European champions under his orders, it was something”, he adds.

He relaunched, he believed in the quality of the French players.Alain Giresseat franceinfo

Former player describes coach “who thought that football was first and foremost a game intelligence, an attacking ability, creativity, imagination, a lot of discipline”. “It was pleasant. It was pleasant. He considered that the pleasure that we should take, we should also give to all the observers of our matches.”

As coach, Michel Hidalgo “knew how to have an authoritarian and benevolent attitude, a lot of understanding”, recalls Alain Giresse. “It was difficult to be in opposition to him. We players are always susceptible, but he had managed to create a state of mind, a collective sense.”

“He was really a lover, passionate about football. He wanted to always serve him, to always contribute”, says the former footballer. “And he did it by leaving the federal national fold to do it within the Olympique de Marseille. He was obsessed with that. He was really pure. He was a man who was of a purity in football and really, it was based on values ​​that were really the most beautiful values ​​that we can have when we are in sport. “


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