Holidays: 2020 year of the motorhome?

First weekend of freedom for a young couple from Bordeaux. They come to relax by the water. They had the idea to come in camping car, a converted van purchased second-hand before confinement. Soon, Tanguy will be able to find his family in Brittany safely. With friends, only one topic of conversation: the next vacation. Unable to go more than 100 km, everyone revises their plans.

Is the motorhome a remedy for the health crisis? An advertising campaign has just been launched. You have to attract new customers. With confinement, a private hire company, the largest in Europe, has lost 450,000 euros in turnover, but demand is skyrocketing. The company currently has 336 bookings a day, especially for the Ascension weekend and the month of June. Safe from the virus in his motorhome: this may be the reflex of other French people for the holidays this summer.

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