Hollywood adapts, Golden Globes relax selection criteria

While the United States is in turn struck by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Golden Globes and the Oscars show flexibility for films eligible for the next awards.

Movie theaters closed, professionals confined: Hollywood must somehow adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and the Golden Globes announced Thursday that they were softening their selection criteria.

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The Golden Globes, like the Oscars and most film awards, usually require that films in competition be screened in Los Angeles cinemas for a minimum duration. The coronavirus makes this impossible immediately and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globes, has drawn the consequences.

Films whose theatrical release in Los Angeles was actually scheduled between the start of the pandemic and the end of April will be able to compete, even if it was finally canceled, announced the association.

Works that are now broadcast directly on television or on video-on-demand platforms such as Netflix will now be eligible. As for the projections, when it was previously necessary for the studios to invite the association's jurors in person to private events, the sending of internet links or DVDs will be authorized during the confinement period, specify the Golden Globes.

The prestigious Oscars, which usually take place a month or two after the Golden Globes, have yet to announce any changes to their rules. But a spokesperson for the Academy of Oscars assured AFP that it “considered all aspects of this uncertain situation and the changes that might be necessary“.”We are committed to flexibility and anticipation“, adds the Academy, which plans”announcements in the coming days“.

Some festivals have already been forced to adapt in an emergency, such as South by Southwest in Austin (Texas) which acts as “qualifying festival“for the Oscars. Canceled because of the pandemic, it maintained its competitions even in the absence of a red carpet, organizing screenings on the internet for the jury. The winners in the documentary, animated film and short film category will remain eligible for the Oscars.


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