Housing in Paris, transport, traffic jams, pollution, cycling plan … Anne Hidalgo's “8:30 franceinfo”

Anne Hidalgo, PS mayor of Paris, guest of the “8h30 franceinfo” Thursday January 30, 2020. (FRANCEINFO / RADIOFRANCE)

Anne Hidalgo, outgoing mayor of Paris, was the guest of “8:30 am franceinfo”, Thursday, January 30. Housing in Paris, Airbnb, transport, traffic jams, pollution, cycling plan … She answers questions from Marc Fauvelle and Renaud Dély.

“What we are fighting against is autosolism, the car for oneself, when we can do otherwise”, explained on Thursday on Franceinfo, the outgoing mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, candidate for re-election to the municipal elections next March. “I want to continue to lower the place of the car in Paris. Paris has been a city developed in the years around the car. We must get out of this dependence on the individual car”, she said, recalling that the ban on diesel vehicles in the capital would be implemented in 2024.

“There are people who will continue to need a car, and of course they can continue. I am thinking of electric vehicles, hydrogen”, said Anne Hidalgo, who also wants to remove 60,000 parking spaces in Paris and “continue the cycling plan”. “When we made our cycle paths, we were told: 'There is too much work', etc. It is true that it was very impactful and that many people did not understand immediately what that we were doing “, recognized the outgoing mayor.

Anne Hidalgo, however, assured that she had no “regret“: “I do not regret, because between acting and not acting, I preferred action. Many people said: 'The planet is burning and we look elsewhere'. I chose not to look elsewhere . ” According to her, “the use of bikes in Paris” at “double” grace “on safe slopes”, “the fall in car traffic over the mandate“, from 2014 to 2020, “is 22%“, and “the decrease in pollution is 15% over this same period”.

Anne Hidalgo, guest of franceinfo on Thursday, said she would propose a referendum to Parisians “before summer” for “set the rules of the game” of the Airbnb platform. “We absolutely must reduce the number of rentals. I will hold a referendum before the summer, if I am re-elected, to ask Parisians to also lay down the rules of the game,” she explained.

Anne Hidalgo will notably propose “a decrease in the number of days authorized to around 30 days” against 120 today. The mayor of Paris, however, recognized that this referendum would be purely “Consultative” and would have no “legal value”.

“I think there are more useful, more important things to do” that to move the station of the East, judged this Thursday on Franceinfo the outgoing mayor Anne Hidalgo. This proposal was formulated by the LREM candidate for municipal in Paris Benjamin Griveaux, who wishes to move the Gare de l'Est to the gates of the capital or in the suburbs, thus freeing up 30 hectares to create a “Parisian Central Park”.

“The Gare de l'Est and the Gare du Nord are very important hubs for international traffic with northern Europe, but above all mainly for travel within the Ile-de-France region or neighboring regions, so we need to keep the stations “, said Anne Hidalgo.

“In Paris, we have reduced rental evictions by 30%, while in the rest of France they have increased by 40% over the same period, over the ten years that are behind us”, assured this Thursday on Franceinfo the outgoing mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, candidate for her re-election next March.

While the Abbé Pierre foundation publishes its annual report on poor housing this Thursday, Anne Hidalgo affirmed that Paris has “been one of the cities that has built and produced the most social housing”. “Over this mandate, from 2014 to 2020, we have produced 41,000 social housing units”, she said.

The mayor of Paris also recalled that she “beaten“for setting up the rent framework. And “it works”, according to her. “One of the proposals I make with Ian Brossat (his assistant responsible in particular for accommodation) is that Parisians can be accompanied to be able to exercise their rights, because often they do not know that the increase in their rent is not in accordance with the rules laid down by the management “, added Anne Hidalgo.

The elected representative also assured that the “night of solidarity”, which takes place on the night of January 30-31, is “very very useful“It is the third year that this operation takes place which”allows a real, indisputable observatory of people on the street“and”to also have elements on who are the people on the street“, explained Anne Hidalgo.

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