How is public transport disinfection done?

In the Paris region, public transport circulate. Protective measures are displayed. Public transport spaces are cleaned once a day. In many countries, we go further. In Spain, in Madrid, public transport is now disinfected every day. In China, in Shanghai, a new ultraviolet method is used. “The traditional disinfection method lasts 30 to 40 minutes with two people and the ultraviolet method takes only 5 to 7 minutes for a bus”, said Qin Jin, vice director of public transportation company Yanggao.

In South Korea, in Seoul, disinfection is also carried out, as in the Philippines and Turkey. In London (United Kingdom), the cleaning teams are reinforced, anti-viral and anti-bacterial product is used and the frequency of cleaning is increased. In Paris, cleaning agents were instructed to insist on the areas affected by travelers. In case of transition to stage 3, the RATP is preparing to double the frequency of cleaning of the contact surfaces. Ile-de-France transport provides 10 million journeys every day.


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