how is Russia coping with the epidemic?

No containment has been ordered in Russia, but further restrictive measures, including the closure of borders from Monday, March 30. Is Vladimir Putin's handling of the crisis of the epidemic, its human toll, rather limpid or opaque? “We are gradually seeing a change in tone from the Russian authorities. Vladimir Putin himself donned the suit of Russia’s chief medical officer while visiting a hospital, then finally admitted that the country would probably not be spared the epidemic. Restorations, non-essential stores and parks are now closed ”, indicates the journalist Luc Lacroix, in duplex from Moscow (Russia).

“The country is on vacation for a week. There are fewer people than usual on the streets of Moscow, but always more than in France, because here, still no general confinement has been ordered. We still think that the threat comes from abroad. The last measure shows this clearly: the even stricter closing of borders. Officially, the country has just over 1,200 cases, but a senior official himself admitted that this figure was probably underestimated due to lack of tests. For us journalists it is very difficult to know what is really going on in Russian hospitals ”, he concludes.

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