human tide in Algiers against the regime

A human tide in Algiers. As every week for eight months, protesters gathered and protested to challenge the legitimacy of the regime in place. And this Friday, November 1, 2019 is symbolic: 65 years ago, day to day, the Algerians stood against the French colonial power. “Our parents and non-grandparents pulled out of independence in 1962. We must do the same in 2019“, Says a passer-by.

The next presidential election is scheduled for 12 December. Objective: to appoint the successor of President Bouteflika, pushed to the exit last April. But the protesters contest the vote: they believe it is organized to strengthen the power in place. “We want new people. We do not want an Algeria like today's“, Says a young woman. A demonstration in disavowal for General Ahmed Gaïd Salah, who dismissed Bouteflika from power.


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