Hundreds of thousands of people demonstrate in Santiago and several cities across the country

Social protest remains strong in Chile on Friday, a week after the start of an unprecedented social uprising against the government of President Sebastian Piñera.

The dispute continues in Chile. On Friday, October 25, hundreds of thousands of protesters converged on a square in central Santiago to protest against socio-economic inequalities. Protesters have called for the resignation of Chilean Conservative President Sebastian Pinera, AFP said.

Singing popular songs during the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), protesters headed for Plaza Italia, the epicenter of an unprecedented social uprising unleashed a week ago in Chile, one of the most most stable country in Latin America.

A camera installed on the roof of an art gallery located not far from this gathering place broadcasts live images of this human tide.
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In a tweet, the authorities of the city of Santiago announced to have counted “more than 820,000 people” on the Plaza Baquedano (also called Plaza Italia.)

With the hashtag #LaMarchaMasGrandeDeChile (the biggest march of Chile, in French), netizens and Chilean media broadcast photos of the mobilization on the social networks.

Marches take place in different cities of the country, reports the website of the radio Biobio, citing an important rally in the cities of Concepción and Copiapo.

A week after the start of this unprecedented social rebellion, motorists and truck drivers joined the protesters Friday, determined not to ease the pressure on the government of President Sebastian Piñera.

Hundreds of motorists and truck drivers have participated in snail operations on motorways that connect Santiago to the rest of the country to protest against toll prices, causing major congestion, AFP reported.

The record of this unprecedented social crisis was revised upwards on the night of Thursday to Friday, with 19 deaths. A Peruvian, shot and wounded during a looting in southern Santiago, has succumbed to his injuries, the Chilean prosecutor said.


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