In a tribune, survivors of the Paris attacks call to support the Kurds

While a Turkish offensive has destabilized the north of Syria for three weeks, forcing Kurdish forces to withdraw from the region of Rojava, 44 survivors of the attacks of 13 November, gathered in a collective, sign a forum in The Parisian calling on the heads of state to act and the people to mobilize. In parallel, the Rojava Collective of French Fighters and Fighters publishes another open letter in Release.

“We, 44 survivors of terrorism, declare our support and solidarity to the people of northern Syria, who have been under attack for several days by the Turkish army of Erdogan and his jihadist auxiliaries,” survivors of the terrorist attacks said. -November.

On October 9, Turkey launched an offensive against the Kurdish militia of the People's Protection Units (YPG), which it describes as “terrorist”, but which has been the indispensable ally of the Western countries in the fight against the State group Islamic (EI). Ankara ended its offensive on October 23, thanks to two agreements negotiated separately with the United States and Russia. But it has left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands displaced. More than 12,000 Kurds who fled the area have taken refuge in camps in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“They became our allies”

Asserting that “these Kurds, Arabs, Yazidis, Turkmen, Assyrians” are “our allies and the first human bulwark against hatred and obscurantism”, they express their indignation at the “passivity of France and the international community”.

“When in 2015 we were attacked, (…), they were in the front line, on the ground, in Raqqa where the attacks of Paris had been organized, as well as in Kobané, and in all this gangrenous region, to incapacitate our killers and defeat the Islamic state, thousands of them are dead. “

The current passivity, they fear, “today allows the escape of hundreds of terrorists and, among them, the most dangerous French jihadists”. Kurdish forces hold thousands of jihadists, including many foreigners, in prisons in northern Syria. According to a senior US official, more than 100 prisoners escaped, taking advantage of the chaos created by the Turkish offensive.

“Why do Paris abandon the Kurds?”

In parallel, the Collective of French fighters and fighters Rojava, “French” who “fought alongside the Kurds of Rojava, publishes another open letter in the newspaper Release. They question it: why does Paris “abandon the Kurds who have nevertheless led the war against Daesh to the end, at the request of the international coalition and in exchange for its enduring support?”

“The French have reaped the fruits of these victories, without really being aware of it.If our country has not experienced mass attacks for several years, it is thanks to the 11,000 combatants of the Syrian Democratic Forces who have fallen while confronting each other. the sponsors of these attacks “, considers the Collective.

“Since the beginning of the Turkish invasion, the French government is spreading diplomatic gesticulations, we play the comedy of powerlessness and fatality (…) However, the withdrawal of US troops was predictable (…) Why did the French government, present militarily in Rojava, not take the necessary measures then? “, Question these French in Release.

A call to mobilization

The 44 survivors thus call “all the populations of the world without exception”, to support “the people of Rojava”. He added: “We call on all the Heads of State of Europe and the world, who in 2015 together said Never again, to take together again, and with the utmost judgment, their responsibilities vis-à-vis the world. 'History, which neither forgets nor forgives.'

On Wednesday, the National Assembly passed a resolution calling on the government to “adopt all measures to support its Kurdish friends and allies, protect the civilian population, restore stability in northeastern Syria”.


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