In Australia, international footballers will be paid as men

The new collective agreement of the Australian Football Federation provides that players receive 24% of the revenue collected by their team.

The same salary for “Matildas” and “Socceroos”. The Australian national football players will now receive the same salary as their male counterparts, the Australian Football Federation (FFA) announced Wednesday (November 6th). Like them, they will also travel abroad in business class. “As a footballer, it's a bit like what we've always dreamed of”responded Elise Kellond-Knight, Matildas midfielder.

The new collective agreement of the Australian Football Federation, signed for four years, provides that the Socceroos and Matildas receive 24% of the revenue collected by the two respective teams. The players have committed to donate 5% of this amount to the national youth teams. In addition, the share of the winnings of the players managing to qualify for a World Cup will increase from 30 to 40%.

The general manager of Australian professional footballers has described this agreement as a contract “unique” in the world of football. “We believe it will serve as an example for all federations and all players, both men and women, and allow them to enjoy the incredible social and commercial opportunity that includes women's football”said Didulica.

A few months earlier, the teams also signed an agreement stipulating that Australian professional female football players receive the same minimum wage as their male counterparts. Australia has emerged as a champion of gender equality in sport. In recent years, netball and cricket players have also achieved better wages.


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