in Codogno, the blockade is lifted but the inhabitants remain confined, as in the rest of Italy

In Codogno, the first city affected by coronavirus which has become the symbol of the arrival of coronavirus in Italy, total quarantine has been relaxed.

After more than two long weeks of general confinement, the inhabitants of Codogno in Lombardy have learned to live with the threat of the coronavirus. This small town in Lombardy, about sixty kilometers south of Milan, is one of the first outbreaks of the viral pneumonia epidemic into viral.

After a fortnight in strict quarantine, the waterproof cord monitored by the police was lifted and the residents authorized to leave. Buthe people don't go out much and the shops remain closed, as in the rest of Italy. Except for tobaccos, convenience stores, service stations or pharmacies, such as that of the Place du 20-Septembre where customers line up at a distance from each other. “People come with their prescriptions and no one can enter, explains the pharmacist. We keep them at least a meter apart “.

What is striking in Codogno are the inhabitants who have taken stock of the danger posed by the coronavirus. “We stay at home, unless we need to go out like me today “, explains a Moroccan resident of the city.

Daily life, idle, without activity, is an unpredictable situation for traders. The hardest part is that I own a restaurant that is closed, explains a resident. We are doing nothing and I do not know how much the government will help us. “

Because it is the day after that the inhabitants of Codogno think, when it will be necessary to resume a normal life and to note the extent of the damage. According to the latest report, released on Monday March 16, Italy has more than 2,000 dead and 20,000 cases tested positive.


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