in France, voices are raised for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics

While major sports competitions have already been canceled, the International Olympic Committee has still not made a decision.

As the coronavirus epidemic continues around the world, voices are raised to postpone the Tokyo Olympics. They are due to start next July and unlike Euro football, no decision has been made yet. It would not be responsible, and even premature, to make a choice now, even estimated Friday, March 20 the International Olympic Committee.

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These words from the IOC make Régis Juanico, socialist deputy of the Loire and member of the board of directors of the National Sports Agency, leap forward. “The only compass that should drive the decision of the IOC is health. Are we taking the risk of relaunching the epidemic in Japan by bringing in millions of spectators from all four continents? the question that needs to be asked now “, he said to franceinfo.

Nobody wants to move because there is too much money at stake. You have to say things as they are.Gilles Sezionale, French Swimming Federation

The president of the French Swimming Federation Gilles Sezionale highlights the untenable situation of his swimmers. “They are on edge. No one is training today in France. They are in their bathtub, he explains. I think that at some point, you still have to put sporting interest before financial interest.

There are still very few athletes who dare to express their concern, like the decathlete Kevin Mayer or the walker Yohann Diniz: “If it was up to me, yes, I would postpone“, the 50 km walking world champion tells franceinfo. And yet I speak while I am qualified for the Olympic Games. Between qualifying for the event and then redoing a new preparation to go to the Games, it will be complicated for all athletes “, concludes Yohann Diniz.

In the meantime, the Olympic flame arrived in Japan on Friday March 20, without an audience, but ready to shine almost as if nothing had happened.

Tokyo Olympics: the idea of ​​a postponement is gaining ground – Report by Fanny Lechevestrier


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