In Mayotte, Macron warns against illegal immigration “that can destabilize a territory”

Emmanuel Macron landed this Tuesday morning on the soil of the island of Mayotte, French territory where illegal immigration is a major theme. Still wrapped in the flower necklace when he arrived, he answered some of BFMTV's questions about it. The President of the Republic first called for the distinction between the right to asylum and illegal immigration:

“We must not confuse the asylum, protected by our constitution, which is to protect on our soil women and men who risk their lives in their country because it is at war, or because of their political opinions, religious or otherwise, with the phenomenon of migration which, when it is not controlled, no longer responds to any rule, can profoundly destabilize a territory. “

“Mayotte has been deeply shaken”

He then took the example of the archipelago. “Mayotte was deeply shaken by illegal immigration, which was not the asylum application, which was a clandestine immigration often coming from the Comoros, which arrived in extremely dangerous conditions,” he says.

The President of the Republic refers to “foreign nationals” who “came to settle, often illegally, remained for years, all that to touch the social minima, be regularized and dive deep in a very difficult situation because it added to the economic difficulty that already existed here “.

“It's the same thing on the hexagonal territory,” he says, extending a little later his remarks: “We have a migratory pressure on French soil much higher than what we knew two years ago. “

“There are many foreigners in our country who arrive in an irregular situation who register for the asylum application but are not entitled to it,” says Emmanuel Macron. “We know very well because they come either from countries we know and are safe, or because networks of traffickers have abused them and have used the asylum application somehow as a circumvention.”

The 'real' and at the same time '”

Emmanuel Macron returned to his famous antiphon: “It's real 'at the same time.” If we want to be able to answer the real asylum request, we have to be rigorous about what is not the asylum. That's why we fight against illegal immigration. “

He believes that his position sought to avoid two pitfalls: “This speech is a speech that does not want to give in to the questioning of our fundamental and constitutional principles, which is the speech of the National Assembly, nothing to an irenism of people who would like to close their eyes and not see that there is a subject and that we have a clandestine immigration that poses a problem “.


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