In Mexico, El Chapo's son has risen to the rank of media icon after his failed arrest

Ovidio Guzmán was until then a discreet figure of the Guzmán dynasty, the least known of the Chapitos. (Instagram screenshot)

This happened on 17 October in Culiacán, the stronghold of the Sinaloa cartel, formerly headed by Joaquin Guzmán: the Mexican security forces surround the home of the drug baron's son, Ovidio, and capture him. release under the pressure of Sinaloa cartel which causes several simultaneous shootings at the four corners of the city …

This is a snub inflicted on the Mexican government, but it is also the beginning of the media fervor around the character of Ovidio Guzmán. Indeed, he was until then a discreet figure of the Guzmán dynasty, the least known of the “Chapitos”, as they are called the sons of El Chapo. But Ovidio is suddenly propelled to the rank of media icon. There are already a hundred “corridos” dedicated to him. The corridos are songs that extol the figures of drug trafficking. Titles like Heritage Guzmán or The rescue of the brothers They are having a blast on the failed operation of the military, and the superiority of the cartel army, led by Ivan and Alfredo who put Culiacán on fire for the release of their younger brother. On the clichés of his arrest, Ovidio looks at the goal with a defiant air. On social networks, we comment on the 29-year-old man's resemblance to his father when he was young, we talk about the brand of his shirt, and we analyze the religious pendants he wore around his neck during his arrest … and have become trendy accessories.

Taking advantage of this popularity, Ovidio himself spoke on Instagram. While the shootings that followed his arrest caused eight dead and fifteen wounded, Ovidio thanks God, he thanked his brothers and all those who risked their lives for him, and he apologizes also to the inhabitants of Culiacán “For everything that happened”but he asks for their understanding of the situation he was going through. Ovidio Guzman is charged with narcotics by the United States. But it is his brothers, Ivan and Alfredo, who are on the list of most wanted by the DEA, the US drug agency. Following the arrest of El Chapo and his extradition to the United States three years ago, his sons took over the Sinaloa cartel alongside Ismael Zambada, a former narco-drug trafficker.


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