in Ohio, Democratic activists try to seduce Donald Trump's disappointed voters

A year away from the presidential election, Democratic activists are busy ravishing the Republican voters of this pivotal state by betting on the disappointment provoked by President Donald Trump.

Tree Bend Drive is a small residential suburb of Westerville, Ohio. Each house has Halloween decorations, except the one at number 747. At Aileen Wagner's. With pumpkins and witches, she prefers electoral signs planted on her lawn.

“I'm a candidate in the municipal elections, I'm a democrat, which makes me an exception here!” She says.And here I am going to talk to the voters. ” One way also to campaign for the Democrats for the presidential election which will be held in a year, November 4, 2020.

In 2016, Aileen Wagner was already going door-to-door to support Hillary Clinton. Yet in ce “swing state “, state-pivot where the vote can tip the final result of the election, voters voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump in 2016. The state also remained a Republican majority for the half-term elections in 2018.

Jim, Aileen Wagner's neighbor is a retired Republican. Three years ago, he voted for Donald Trump, but he says today “very disappointed”. “He does not behave like a president, he must be respectful and dignified and he is none of that,” says Jim, who says he will not be returning for Donald Trump. “I'm glad to hear that,” reacts Aileen Wagner. “People are starting to change their minds, they are not frozen.”

A little further at Steven, also Republican, today is uncomfortable to have Donald Trump as president. “It embarrasses me that he is my president! When you are elected to this position, you have a reputation to hold, but he does not do that, I'm not a fan!”

Injurious, provocative. For Aileen, Donald Trump's behavior is in favor of Democrats. “This model that it gives to our children, to our nation, is not what we want, so yes, it makes things easier for us, but nothing is guaranteed. “We beat him, and it's a lot of work in a state like Ohio.” Because this “swing state” can vote as much Democratic as Republican. Christie, mother of the family is the incarnation. “I voted for Trump, but there are times when I agree with him and others do not.”

But you know, one year I'm a Democrat and another Republican and I think that's great!Christieat franceinfo

There are many voters like Christie, says Aileen. “We have a lot of swing voters, so it's a challenge that the Democratic candidate will be chosen, he will have to captivate the voters, that's what made the difference for Barack Obama and it's going to be a lot of work.”

Aileen finds his militant friends at the Harry Buffalo Bar for a Postcard Party session. Postcards handwritten to replace the leaflets. It was in Westerville that was held the 4th debate between candidates for the Democratic nomination for the presidential 2020. Anne watched on television. “I do not have a preference at the moment, I still need to know more about the candidates, they need to meet the people, especially here in Ohio, talk to the farmers. also many people in this state who do not have work. ” And for Trump voters, Anne has a message: “I want them to really watch it and not only listen to what Fox News says, seriously, read the New York Times or the Whashington Post to see what is really happening in our democracy!”says the activist.

The reportage in Westerville (Ohio) of Farida Nouar.


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