in quarantine, Tom Hanks rekindles himself while tasting Australian “Vegemite” spread

A photo of his sandwiches published by the American actor on social networks has received many jokes among Australians.

American actor Tom Hanks, currently quarantined in Australia after being tested positive for the new coronavirus, was chambered on Monday by his Australian hosts on social networks for his consumption of Vegemite, this surprising dark and salty spread. produced with yeast extract and emblematic of the island continent.

The Hollywood star and his wife, actress and singer Rita Wilson, have been in solitary confinement for the past week in Gold Coast, on the east coast of Australia.

Sunday, he posted a photo showing two toasts – one of which started – which are very generously brushed with this paste with a strong smell and taste that can disconcert palates who have not been used to it since childhood.

“Thank you to the helping staff! Take care of us and others”, wrote the multi-Oscar winning actor in his tweet, with a photo showing a yellow Vegemite tube with a koala comforter hanging next to a small kangaroo plush holding an Australian flag. The post was quick to get the Australians to react.

“Where was the nursing staff when so much Vegemite was spread on this toast ?????”, pretends to scandalize Melbourne actress Kirsty Webeck.

“OK, you have to remove about 60% of the Vegemite, otherwise it will not be good and it will hurt your mouth, my friend”, warns Amy Thunig, another Australian surfer.

“My God, we gave him the coronavirus AND the Vegemite”observes Greg Jericho, a Canberra-based reporter.

When he tested positive, Tom Hanks was with his wife in Australia for the preparations for the filming of an Australian film Baz Luhrmann devoted to Elvis Presley, in which the actor with two Oscar must play the impresario of the “King”, the famous “colonel” Tom Parker.

Rita Wilson, who is an actress and singer, had given a concert and interviews in Brisbane and Sydney. Authorities are investigating to verify the people the couple has been in contact with.

At least one other person, journalist Richard Wilkins, revealed that he was positive for Covid-19.

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