in Senegal, rugby helps women to emancipate themselves

Anna Preira, captain of the Senegalese national rugby team, launched this discipline, still unknown ten years ago in Senegal. It is this sport that taught him never to give up. “It's a beautiful sport for women, it's a sport for you, thousands of women play rugby, it's a pride to watch them play, laugh, get excited, but go on,” She says. It was in 2010, with the means at hand, that Anna Preira mounted the very first national team, which now defends the colors of Senegal in official competitions.

Imposing women's rugby in Senegal was not obvious. Beyond the lack of means, the discipline is badly perceived in this conservative country. Anna Preira had to pick up the girls one by one to convince them that they could practice this sport safely. “There are prejudices, because you are told that with contact, you can lose your virginity, but this is false.When a girl goes to sport, it is denigrated as a woman who wants to become a man or who does not want to have children “, She laments. Anna has seen many of these teammates abandon rugby when starting a family, because husbands often refuse to let their wives practice the sport. But the young captain has already won a victory, since in Senegal, more than half of the rugby licensees are women.

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