in Spain, containment alerts are increasing in the face of coronavirus

The second most affected country in Europe after Italy, Spain has seen cases of coronavirus multiplied by ten in the past week. According to a last report published Saturday March 14 at midday, the total number of cases in the country reached 5,753, more than 1,500 more than Friday evening. At least 183 people died.

In Puerto de Lazarron, in the region of Murcia (south-east), as in other localities, the authorities alert the population by messages broadcast by loudspeaker. All residents must stay at home, restaurants, bars and shops are closed, with the exception of food shops and pharmacies. The beaches were closed, as in many coastal cities, when a bright sun shone on Saturday March 14.

The state of alert, announced Friday for 15 days, allows the government to limit the movement of people and requisition all types of goods. And further drastic measures were expected on Saturday to try to limit the spread of the virus.


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