in the Bronx, the steps of the movie “Joker” attract a crowd of fans

This staircase served as a backdrop for a scene from the movie “Joker”, where the character of Joaquin Phoenix performs a few dance steps.

The 132 steps that connect Shakespeare Avenue to Anderson Avenue, in the New York area of ​​the Bronx, were until recently removed from the tourist circuits. But visitors have flocked to the world since they saw Joaquin Phoenix sketching a few steps in the blockbuster Joker. “It's huge, it's really huge“, repeats Noa Angenost, a young French tourist.”I'm a huge fan since I was little of everything that is Batman, I'm really happy to come here because I've never had the opportunity to go to filming locations“He is delighted.” On vacation with his father in New York, this teenager from Cannes took the opportunity to come see the scene of this dance scene, “mythical“According to him, and to take photos and videos to post on Instagram.

Tourists sometimes queued to pose near the streetlight appearing on the movie poster, with the typical New York City fire escapes in the background.

On one of the walls now appears a tag representing the pale face of the Joker, the best enemy of Batman. “It's even more beautiful than in the movie“enthuses Tasula Ceballos, a young Russian living in Miami.”I love when filmmakers are shooting in real life places“, she says. “Usually they film in the studios, like Warner Bros, but here it is a real place, we can come, touch the groundShe is just a little disappointed because, with such a swarm of fans, the photos do not make up as she would like.

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This sudden tourist craze is however not appreciated by all the inhabitants of the district. With his white bike on the shoulder, Elliott Raylassi deliberately seeks to disrupt the photoshoots of tourists. “It's my neighborhood and I'm doing what I can to defend it“says the young man.It was a shock for us because this is the first time the Bronx has been in the spotlight so suddenly. The film came out and in less than a week, people started coming to visit one of the worst neighborhoods” from around.

Elliott Raylassi, a resident of the Bronx in New York, voluntarily embarrass the photo shoots of tourists in front of the stairs of the Joker. (DON EMMERT / AFP)

In New York, when a neighborhood begins to attract the attention of tourists, it tends to bait developers, who build luxury buildings that can no longer afford“For Frankie Astacio, who lives on the other side of the street, all this bustle is still a good thing.”It's good for the neighborhood, it makes it more attractive“he says.


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