increasingly drastic measures to combat the coronavirus

Italian doctors and hospitals are no longer able to keep pace, yet the Covid-19 epidemic is far from being brought under control. “There are practically 200 additional deaths or 827 victims in Italy. At the current rate, unfortunately, there will be more than 1,000 dead tomorrow (Thursday March 12). The head of the Lombardy region calls for a total ban on all activities”, explains the journalist Alban Mikoczy, duplex from Rome (Italy).

All of Italy is confined until April 3. The President of the Lombardy region requests a permanent closure of cafes and restaurants until the end of confinement. “Currently, they are open until 6 pm. He only wants to leave open food shops and pharmacies. An initiative relayed by Matteo Salvini who requests a ban at the national level. The government reserves its response. It should intervene in the evening”, specifies the journalist.

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