Iran claims to have discovered an oil deposit of 2,400 square kilometers

According to the Iranian president, the deposit could represent reserves of 53 billion barrels.

“This is a small gift from the government to the people of Iran”. Iran's president, Hassan Rohani, announced on Sunday (November 10th) the discovery of a huge oil field that could increase by one third the reserves already discovered in his country. “We found an oilfield with (reserves estimated at) 53 billion barrels”Hassan Rohani said in a speech to Yazd broadcast by state television.

“The deposit extends from Bostan to Omidiyeh”, two cities in the province of Khuzestan, in southwestern Iran, said Hassan Rohani, according to which “its surface is 2,400 km2 and its depth is 80 meters”. A boon for the country, while the economy suffers from the effect of the economic sanctions reinstated against the Islamic Republic by the United States since August 2018.

According to the latest edition of the Global Energy Statistical Review published annually by the British oil group BP, Iran has the world's fourth largest proven oil reserves (155.6 billion barrels), behind Venezuela, Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia and Canada.


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