Iranian Jalal Rohollahnejad released by France in exchange for detainees

The French person detained in Iran as part of this exchange could be Roland Marchal, French academic detained in Iran since June 2019.

Hope for the French researcher Roland Marchal. A Iranian detained in France since February 2019, Jalal Rohollahnejad, currently flies to Tehran, Iranian state television said on the night of Friday March 19 to Saturday March 20. Shortly before, the Judicial Authority of the Islamic Republic had announced his release by Paris as part of an exchange of detainees.

The judicial authority has not specified the identity of the French person detained in Iran, but everything suggests that it could be Roland Marchal, French academic detained in Iran since June 2019, just like his partner, the Franco-Iranian anthropologist Fariba Adelkhah.

“Jalal Rohollahnejad, an Iranian engineer imprisoned for more than a year in French prisons and accused of having circumvented American sanctions against Iran, was released today”, is it stated in the text of the Iranian judicial authority.

The French Court of Cassation had validated March 11 “Rohollahnejad's extradition request to the United States, but the French government released him, changing this decision”.

France has been asking for months for the release of Fariba Adelkhah and Roland Marchal, whose trial began in early March.


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