is this case the sign of a new political era?

Friday, February 14, one month before the election, Benjamin Griveaux announced his withdrawal from the race for municipal elections in Paris. Since Wednesday February 12, videos and intimate messages of him have been released. On set, the journalist Nathalie Saint-Cricq condemns the dissemination of these elements relating to private life. “Even if at the origin of this whole affair, there is a real recklessness of Benjamin Griveaux, it sprouts a form of terrorism from social networks”, she explains.

The journalist continues: “We can all go there, nobody is 100% exemplary and, moreover, who sets the example? There are, among the victims, certainly known people, there are others too: the young harassed on social networks. There are reputations that can be smeared in one click, so privacy exists, privacy is respected “, she continues.

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