Islamophobia: for Dupont-Aignan, “there is no stigmatization of French Muslims”

This is not a surprise, but Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, invited this Friday morning on RMC and BFMTV, confirmed that he will not participate this Sunday in the march against Islamophobia, which continues to cause controversy.

“It's an imposture, a manipulation, by radical Islamists, who want to impose a political Islamism, which bring France into a position of victimization of Muslims even though there are many French people who are fighting against political Islam “, he denounces on our antenna, adding that there is” a confusion of everything “.

Recalling that “in France everyone is free to practice his cult,” the president of Debout France assures: “There is no stigmatization of French Muslims who practice their faith.” He insists: “A great part of them practice their faith in the respect of the laws of the Republic, they have never been stigmatized.”

For our guest, the problem comes from a certain practice of this religion that he considers incompatible with the French model. “The Jean Jaurès Foundation tells us that there is 27% of French Muslims who think that Sharia law should be superior to the Republican law, “said the MP for Essonne who regrets” that we let the Salafists at work, with their 120 mosques, do their work sapping. “As a result, he explains:” There is a non-negligible minority of French Muslims who want French society to adapt to political Islam. ” insists the elected official, “French society does not have to adapt to political Islam”.

“France is not a country like any other”

The man who rallied to Marine Le Pen for the second round of the presidential election in 2017 also militates for “assimilation”, a concept traditionally opposed to that of integration. “It is now necessary that the Islam of France understands that France is not a country like any other, and that if we just want to welcome people, we want to assimilate,” says Nicolas Dupont-Aignan on our plate. “If you want a true national community and not communities, well you have to accept the laws of the Republic.” Religion does not have to impose its law on Nation, that's all, and you'll see that 'is very simple,' he repeats.

To conclude, the politician also expresses anger at some of his opponents, who signed the platform calling for Sunday's mobilization: “I regret, I am outraged that France insubordinate, and that the CGT, participate in this event organized by dangerous people.” A position on which several left-wing signatories have since evolved. Not to mention backpedaling.


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