Israel allows import of pork … kosher

“Dear government, take off our plates!” The roar is over on Twitter by Yair Lapid, number two of Kakhol Lavan, Israeli centrist party. It concerns a change of regulations concerning the importation of pork into Israel, decided by the interim government and relayed by The Times of Israel.

The importation of non-kosher meat is prohibited in the Jewish state. But products have been affected by exceptions since 1994, like some pieces of pigs (chest, intestines, edible bacon). Except that these pork products can no longer be imported into Israel if they are not kosher, because of the change in regulations published last Wednesday. Eating pork is forbidden in the Jewish religion, but it is impossible for this meat to obtain kosher certification.

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No explanation

This new regulation is simply tantamount to banning, without saying it, pork imports. “The state will not dictate what we can or can not eat.When we have formed a government, we will repeal this regulation,” says Yair Lapid in his message on Twitter. His party, however, failed to form a coalition government last April after the first legislative elections.

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According to Twelfth Channel figures, relayed by The Times of Israel, 295 tons of pork and bacon were imported between 2013 and 2015 in Israel. The coalition government did not comment on this information, and did not wish to justify this new regulation.


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