“It could be called Coca-Cola or something else …”

Michel Platini makes a bitter conclusion, Wednesday, November 6 on franceinfo: today, in European football, “everything is based on wealth”. “Today you buy all the best players and you win. “

>> His suspension by Fifa, the World Cup in Qatar, his return to football … the “8h30 franceinfo” by Michel Platini

And Michel Platini takes the example of Paris-Saint-Germain who, although he has not yet won a European title, takes advantage of the financial resources of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund to dominate the Championship of France.The president is Qatari, the Brazilian director, the coach is German, and there is a Frenchman in the team … Why is it called Paris Saint-Germain? wonders Michel Platini. Because there are 40,000 people, there is a large population that likes this club? Okay. But it could be called Coca-Cola or something else. Why is it called Paris Saint-Germain? “

Michel Platini is not particularly for the reinstatement of quotas of foreign players in European football, but he regrets the period before the Bosman decision, when the clubs counted only “two players, three players, four foreign players”. “If we could spread all the values ​​of all players in many more teams, it would be much easier,” believes there.

When he was UEFA President, Michel Platini imposed in May 2010 financial fair play, which aims to maintain the competitive balance between clubs, forcing them to not spend more than they earn, at the risk of be punished financially, or even be deprived of European Cup. It was this principle of financial fair play that prompted the opening of a UEFA control procedure in September 2017, following the acquisitions by PSG of Neymar and Kylian Mbappé.

Is the money killing football? “No, not football, Michel Platini shade. He kills a philosophy of football, but not football. Football has never been so good as it is now. The top 100 players are in the top eight clubs in the world. Football today, you watch the European Cup, it's beautiful. “


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