“It will be very complicated for both teams,” said former Paris goalkeeper Jérôme Alonzo

The coronavirus Covid-19 will therefore have been right, in part, of the 8th final second leg of the Champions League, between PSG and Dortmund Wednesday, March 10. The shock will be played in front of empty stands. “To motivate yourself in such circumstances and in such a non-atmosphere, it's very complicated,” said former PSG player Jérôme Alonzo.

“It will be very complicated for both teams” PSG and Dortmund to play their eighth-final Champions League return on Wednesday evening, Jérôme Alonzo, a former Paris-Saint-Germain player, estimated on Franceinfo. Due to the coronavirus and the ban on gatherings of more than 1,000 people, a closed session was imposed.

“When you are a top sportsman, there is a very simple thing, it is adrenaline. And adrenaline, it is caused by the spectators, it comes from the public, just like the motivation”, explains the former sportsman.

The stake alone is not enough. Nothing happens in an empty stadiumJérôme Alonzo, former goalkeeper of PSGon franceinfo

Paris-Saint-Germain players will therefore not be able to count on their audience to push them. Jérôme Alonzo concedes that the match will be “perhaps” easier for the German team to manage, who earned a 2-1 first leg victory at home. “Maybe for Dortmund it will be easier to manage a result than for PSG to go get it”, imagine Jérôme Alonzo, for whom Dortmund remains on the advantage of having been able to play the first leg with the public.

“It's called a case of force majeure. We couldn't have predicted it. Obviously, Dortmund is not responsible for what is going on, so it's just no luck for PSG this time around. If it were to go wrong for PSG, yes, that would be a big blow because necessarily, Dortmund would have had a big big advantage in the first leg “, he sums up. “That said, it doesn't take away from the fact that Paris missed their match” during the first confrontation.

The former goalkeeper of PSG is satisfied with a camera, rather than a postponement. “I prefer it by far as soon as possible. Because we don't know what tomorrow will be like. The PSG calendar is already insane. I prefer to play it right away. And then come what may!”


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