Italian radio frequencies in unison to solder the country against coronavirus

Italians were called to the sound of their transistors on Friday morning at 11 o'clock, at which time all the country's radio stations broadcast the national anthem and several large Italian airs.

It was a first in Italy confined and hard hit by the coronavirus outbreak: on Friday morning at 11 o'clock, all radio stations cut their programs and transmitted at the same time the Italian anthem and several major country songs.

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One hour before noon, we heard the sound of Mameli's hymn, The Brothers Rico, “brothers of Italy”, for a moment of unity. From the north to the south, the Italians mounted the sound of their favorite radio: on social media, many were scrolling the frequencies that played, in unison, the national anthem.

As many Italians have been chanting on their balcony for a few days at 6 pm, some have opened their windows to sing. And if, on Thursday night, the candles were celebrating the memory of the dead of the epidemic, Friday morning, the aim of the operation “Radio for Italy” was just to unite again, to sing with a little hope three great songs of national heritage: Azurro, d 'Adriano Celentano (“Blue, the afternoon is too blue, and long for me, I realize …”), The Song of the Sun, by Lucio Battisti, et In blue, painted blue (“Flying …”), by Domenico Modugno.

Even Vatican Radio played the game and relayed the national anthem. The sound flashmob lasted only about ten minutes, relayed by the navy, which, in seven naval bases, from north to south of the peninsula, shouted its sirens.

Italian radio frequencies unite to unite the country before the coronavirus – Bruce de Galzain report


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