Italy passes the milestone of 100 confirmed cases

Italy is to date the country most severely affected by the epidemic.

A situation unmatched in Europe.Italian authorities are trying, Sunday, February 23, to stem the spread of the coronavirus that has infected more than 100 people in the country.

The number of contaminations in Lombardy rose to 89 cases, raising the number of cases throughout Italy above 100. Two deaths have been reported in the country, where the authorities have ordered the quarantine of the most localities affected. In addition to Lombardy, the epidemic also affects Veneto, where the assessment has increased to 24 confirmed cases, including two in Venice. As a precaution, the last two days of the annual Carnival of the City of the Doges, scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, have been canceled. Isolated cases have also been reported in the neighboring regions of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.

Until Friday's announcements, Italy had only identified three confirmed cases: two Chinese tourists and a returnee from Wuhan, the capital of the province of Hubei where the epidemic started. Sports events, including three Serie A football matches, the first division championship, have been postponed. All schools in Lombardy are closed and several companies, including Luxottica and UniCredit bank, have asked their employees living in the affected regions to stay at home. Several universities in northern Italy have closed and will not reopen until early March at the earliest.

Lombardy and Veneto are the industrial heart of Italy, and account for 30% of its gross domestic product.


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