it's always the fault of women …

Serge Gainsbourg and Catherine Deneuve. Paris, October 24, 1980, Place Vendome (GAMMA-RAPHO VIA GETTY IMAGES)

We told you about it this week on Franceinfo, a controversy arose from the extremely violent comments in Julie Graziani's column on LCI about a divorced mother. She said, I quote:And then, if we are in the smic, well, we should not be divorced either in these cases. At a certain point, when we add difficulties on difficulties, and balls on balls, we end up with problems. “

That these remarks are scandalous is rather a good sign for our society. After all, what Julie Graziani said is that one is responsible for one's misfortune – and especially women.
And that's what we hear in songs for generations …

In the first episode of These songs that make the news this weekend, you hear excerpts from:

Serge Gainsbourg, The faulty, 1980

Marie Laforêt, AT who's the fault? 1969

Edith Piaf, It's a fault in your eyes, 1960

Richard Gotainer, Blame the girls, 2008

Yves Montand, It's the fault of the accordion, 1968

Richard Gotainer, Blame the girls, 2008

Varel and Bailly, Is it my fault? 1951

Serge Gainsbourg, The faulty, 1980

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