“It's been years that they ask to be repatriated” recalls the lawyer of French jihadists returned by Turkey

Four radicalized women and their seven children will be sent back to France by Turkey.

Turkey announced on Monday (November 11th) that it will soon send France to France as part of a campaign to expel foreign fighters from the Islamic State group. According to franceinfo's information, this is actually four radicalized women. The other seven are their children.

“For months and years they have been asking to be repatriated,” reacted on franceinfo Marie Dosé, lawyer of three of these women. “They demand to face their criminal responsibility, they risked their lives and the lives of their children to join Turkey and be expelled to France.”

These four French women are well known to French intelligence. Radicalized, considered dangerous, they are subject to an international arrest warrant. Some of them had left France and joined Syria in the first months of forming the Islamic State group to accompany, join and marry French jihadists. Their children were born in Syria. Among them is Amandine Le Coz, native of Domont in the Oise. She left in Syria in 2014 and married two jihadists. There is also Sarah Ali Mehenni, a native of Aude, who, at the age of 17, joins the ranks of Daesh.

In mid-October, the women had escaped with more than 800 other jihadists from the Kurdish camp of Ayn Issa, north of Raqqa, while bombarding Turkish forces.

Since 2015, and the protocol says “Cazeneuve”, more than 250 French (men, women, children related to Daesh) have already been expelled to France in collaboration with Turkey.


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