“It's linked to climate change” and “it must wake us up”

Underwater, Venice fears to suffer major damage. We'll have to get used to it and adapt to it, says franceinfo on Wednesday, a hydrologist.


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Floods in Venice are linked “to climate change” and “It must wake us up”reacts on franceinfo Wednesday, November 13, the hydrologist Emma Haziza. Cities are going to have to “to protect oneself from these extreme phenomena that will become habitual”.

“It is essential and essential to adapt immediately and implement a city-wide policy even before economic policies, because if there is no life, there is no has more economy “she adds. And “there, we can see that it's happening on our doorstep”.

franceinfo: Is this a rare phenomenon?

Emma Haziza: We have the tide peak calendar, but what is changing is really the power, the height and especially the aggravating parameters. There, we have an aggravating parameter which is the Sirocco. Venetians are used to having their feet in the water, but there is a difference between having your feet in 20 cm of water and ending up with between 1 meter and 1 meter 30 of water. This means that the water gets into the buildings, into the hotels and therefore the damage is much more serious.

Does this mean that it is linked to global warming?

This is what emerges from all the modeling that can be done, whether in the Mediterranean basin, with an increase in the number of episodes, or in a general way on the increase of the intensity of the cyclones or a whole a lot of phenomena. We can confirm that it is linked to climate change. We must immediately move to an adaptation solution. And adaptation takes time. It's a long time because it means working on the protection of life as a whole, but also working on the scale of each stake, each building to protect it.

In a historic city like Venice, it must be particularly complicated?

There are really cities that are going to be extremely overexposed, some cities could even disappear. The problem is that we are confronted with local policies that find it difficult to instill a dynamic, whereas these phenomena are much faster than we imagined. In India, we can clearly see that some cities will no doubt disappear from the map, or at least some whole neighborhoods. And so, here, I think it must wake us up.

Is Venice in danger?

It is overexposed and economically, we can see that the issue will be heavy. It is a city that can probably support this type of event this year, but next year and the year after, the insurance systems will still hold good? Will they be able to repair and reimburse or will it be necessary for the territory to have to adapt and have to protect itself against these extreme phenomena that will become customary? The Mediterranean, Europe as a whole, will be overexposed. When we were in a logic where climate change was happening in Greenland or in Canada, it might bother us a lot less as a Frenchman or as Europeans. There, we can see that it's coming to our doors. There are phenomena of increasing importance, one can even be subject to cyclonic risks. This is something that was not even considered before and in addition, they become more intense, stronger. It is therefore essential and essential to have to adapt immediately and implement a city-wide policy even before economic policies, because if there is no life, there is no need for it. there is more economy either.

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