“It's very very nice to be heard,” says actress Marina Foïs

The actress shared her satisfaction after the collective resignation of the management of the Academy, evoking “a real sense of responsibility”.

“It is very very pleasant to be heard and then it is quite unprecedented such a quick response”, estimated Thursday February 13 on franceinfo Marina Foïs, after the collective resignation of the management of the Academy of Caesar, less than 15 days from the ceremony. The actress is a signatory of the tribune published in The world on Monday. The text, signed by more than 400 personalities of the 7th art, denounces “the opacity of the management of the academy”.

With this resignation, members of the management “express with great elegance, I find, a real sense of responsibility”, judged Marina Foïs. “By declaring, and this is the other thing that we share with them, the love of cinema. I think that paradoxically, with the majority of the members, we agree on the substance.”

It is our sense of responsibility that made us express ourselves, it is theirs that made them resign.Marina Foïsat franceinfo

“This will be an opportunity to rewrite these statutes which seem completely obsolete”, welcomed Marina Foïs. “Our demand is unstoppable, because what we expect is more democracy, transparency, gender equality and parity, these are demands that it is time to respond to.”


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