Jair Bolsonaro accuses a Greek tanker and believes “the worst is yet to come”

The oil spill that has been raging for three months has affected more than 200 beaches in the north-east of the country.

Ominous bird. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Sunday [November 3rd] that “The worse is yet to come” concerning the mysterious oil spill, which has been falling on northeastern Brazil for three months.

“What has happened and has been picked up so far is a small amount of what has been dumped.The worst is yet to come”said the Brazilian president in an interview with the TV station Record.

He also accused the Greek oil tanker “Bouboulina” of being at the origin of the ecological disaster. “All the clues” appoint him as responsible, he said. Friday, the Brazilian authorities reported satellite data going in this direction. The Greek tanker company, Delta Tankers, had denied. Jair Bolsonaro speaks of an act “criminal”, and says he expects “a much bigger disaster”.

On 29 July, the Brazilian authorities detected a spill of oil more than 700 km from the coast of the state of Paraiba. A month later, August 30, oil began to appear on the coasts of Nordeste, then move south to the state of Bahia.

The disaster paralyzes some of the fishing activities and endangers the ecosystem of the Abrolhos region, near Bahia, sanctuary for humpback whales and unique coral formations in the world.


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