Jamila, born in Berlin of an East German mother and a Palestinian father, would like to see another wall fall

Born in Berlin on the day of the fall of the wall, Jamila discovers at 18 another wall, the one erected between Israel and the Palestinian territories, where his father grew up.

It's in the neighborhood Mitte, in the downtown of Berlin, than Jamila al Youssef at seen the day. This is the hospital of the Charity, she said, pointing to a tall building. It was here that my parents worked and it was here that I was born on November 9, 1989, the day of the fall of the Berlin Wall. “

The hospital of the Charity himself was at foot of Wall of Berlin, E sidest. It is the than Jamila is arrival at world with ten days of delay, himself recalls Carola, the mum. “Yes, that's right, she waited for the special event, the family arrived in the late afternoon, my brother-in-law Karl-Heinz started by saying that the border was going to open. I thought not at all, but soon after, while my room was on the 18th floor and I could see the wall from my window, I saw a very large crowd heading towards the border post that was open. “

If Carola comes from Germany of ballast, the dad Mufid Youssef, native of Nablus in West Bank is come at Berlin in 1978 for to study the medicine.Today, I am a socialist and in my youth, before arriving in Berlin, I was even more so. So I was very happy to come here. But on the other hand, I saw what it was like to live in a police state if there was no freedom of movement and expression. There was of course the Stasi who was spying on everyone. “

De this union is therefore born Jamila, child of two walls the one of Berlin, what n / A not known, and the one who separate Israel of the territories Palestinian, Wall what at discovered in 2008.

We went through the Kalandia checkpoint and I remember that weird look because I had a German passport with an Arabic name and I saw all those people being controlled.Jamilaat franceinfo

“I felt a sense of anger and a bit of fear, I always hoped this wall would fall before I died,” said Jamila is become a fiery partisan of the peace. A peace what sung with his group of music, Jamila & the other heroes.

Jamila, the child of two walls. A report in Berlin of Omar Ouahmane.

It will be 30 years, Saturday, November 9, that the Berlin Wall fell. On this occasion, franceinfo offers a series of reports.

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