Japan: 9 years after Fukushima

Returning to the port full of fish, a Japanese fishing boat attests to a good working session. However, all of its cargo can potentially end up in the trash. And for good reason, these are fish caught in Fukushima (Japan), nine years after the natural disaster that led to the destruction of a nuclear power plant. “In order for our fish to be considered edible, we sometimes have to go through sanitary control sometimes 10 or 20 times, and that is always the case. I have lost 70% of my turnover since the accident“says Masahito Ishibashi, fisherman.

In the Fukushima region, the tsunami razed homes for tens of kilometers. Only the deserted buildings remain, abandoned in disaster by the inhabitants. Nine years after the nuclear disaster, certain areas are still contaminated and prohibited from entering. 370 square kilometers, a perimeter known as the exclusion zone, is considered too dangerous by the Japanese authorities.

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