John Bercow, the famous Speaker of the British House of Commons, leaves his post

The speaker known for his thundering remarks leaves the green chair he has held for ten years. He has become in recent years an icon of “Remainers”, supporters of a United Kingdom in the European Union.

This is obviously the most famous reminder of the story: “Order!” Reproduced, parodied, remixed. If his muscled interventions made him famous as much as his flamboyant ties, John Bercow remains especially the man who, in the space of ten years, considerably modernized the Parliament by putting back to the taste of the day the urgent questions to oblige the Ministers to come to explain themselves to the deputies. And this, without care: “The prime minister has finished speaking, and he can believe me, since it's me who tells him, 'it's over!'”, he shouted to Boris Johnson.

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More than its predecessors, the Speaker, the Speaker of the House of Commons, has in recent years taken decided positions on matters of domestic and foreign policy. “I am even more opposed than before to a speech by Donald Trump!he had said in July 2018, sitting in his green chair in front of the British deputies.

His interventions to prevent Theresa May, then Boris Johnson, from repeatedly presenting the same Brexit bill based on a 17th century law, made him a hero for the Europhiles … a traitor for other.

But for Rob Wilson, former MP, journalist at Telegraph and author of an article entitled “Good riddance”: “John Bercow has unfortunately become a partisan, it is not good for Parliament, he took sides in the debates and favored part of the parliament to the detriment of the other.”

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This is not the only accusation. His secretary also denounces vexations, remarks and speaks of moral harassment. Allegations rejected by the Parliamentary Commission, which chose not to open an investigation on the subject.

Be that as it may, the Speaker of the House of Commons with colorful ties will have profoundly changed the functioning of English democracy in the last decade. John Bercow, 56, announced on 9 September that he would resign on October 31, the then-predicted divorce between the UK and the EU, but has since been postponed.

In London, the report of Antoine Giniaux.


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