Julien Le Bot: “The economic model of Facebook is to know you” – France Info – October 30, 2019

Julien Le Bot is a digital journalist and author of the book “Dans la tête de Mark Zuckerberg” (Actes Sud edition).

It's hard to get into the minds of Mark Zuckerberg, a “near head of state”. To achieve this, we must trace all the public statements of the leader of Facebook and speak to those who agree to do so.

Mark Zuckerberg sees IT as a real asset to democracy. However, Julien Le Bot details how Facebook collects the maximum data from its users to sell to other companies, what he calls “surveillance capitalism”.

The only Facebook platform has 2.4 billion people and is only part of the Zuckerberg empire that also includes Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger.

The lack of data on Facebook's algorithms is an important political issue for author Julien Le Bot. Indeed, there is a hierarchy of access to information on the platform.

“Facebook is escaping its creator” thinks Julien Le Bot concludes this interview by referring to the Libra, the virtual currency of Facebook.

The interview ended with the Empress's song “Error 404”.



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