Justice Minister Asks Donald Trump To “Stop Tweeting” About Court Cases

The minister intervened to soften a required prison sentence against Roger Stone, a friend of Donald Trump, triggering a scandal. He denies having received orders, but acknowledges that his work is complicated by the president's tweets on this subject.

He tries to calm the controversy. Justice Minister Bill Barr swore on Thursday, February 13 that he was receiving no orders from anyone after his exceptional intervention to soften the required prison sentence against Roger Stone, a longtime friend of Donald Trump .

“I am pleased that the President has never asked me to intervene in anything in a criminal case”, he said in an interview with ABC television.

“I have a problem with some of the tweets” of the president, he nevertheless added, assuring that certain positions of the republican billionaire on the famous social network complicated his mission. “I think it is time to stop tweeting about the cases for which the Ministry of Justice is responsible”, he said again.

The About Bill Barr surprised so much he has multiplied, since his appointment, the positions interpreted as favorable to the president. Quickly, the White House insisted that there was no disagreement between the two men. “The president was not embarrassed at all by these comments and has the right, like any other American citizen, to publicly share his opinions”, reacted Stephanie Grisham, spokesperson for the White House.

Donald trump “uses social media extremely effectively to fight for Americans against injustices in our country”she added, adding that he fully trusted Bill Barr for “do your job and uphold the law”.

Roger Stone, who advised Donald Trump before and during his campaign, was convicted in November of lying to Congress and subjugating witnesses as part of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

The four prosecutors responsible for the case had initially required between seven and nine years in prison against him, but the ministry tried them by asking for a sentence. “much less” on behalf of “interests of justice”.

Meanwhile, without it being possible to establish with certainty a cause and effect link, Donald Trump had denounced in a tweet a “very unfair situation” and an “miscarriage of justice”. The four prosecutors then indicated their withdrawal from the case in a motion sent to the judge.


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