“Keeping the Olympic Games in the year, it's impossible” … French sportsmen favor a postponement

We are headed straight for the postponement of the Tokyo Olympic Games … Pending the decision of the International Olympic Committee, the CNOSF consults French federations and athletes before taking an official position.

They have been preparing for these Olympic Games for several months, even years, since they have this competition in sight. But due to the epidemic of coronavirus and confinement, French athletes must review their preparation and their agenda. After the IOC, Japan, the host country, has admitted the possibility of postponing the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for next summer.

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Pragmatic, judoka Axel Clerget keeps a glimmer of hope: “If it's fifteen days, three weeks, or even a month, it still passes. There are a lot of sportsmen who are injured and who manage to come back after a cut. For me, there is no panic. And then we hope that the virus will decrease “, said the Frenchman, who represents a chance for a medal in the -90kg category. But it nuances all the same: “On the other hand, it is true that if it lasts longer, we will have to be smart and postpone the Games”.

For her part, basketball player Sandrine Gruda is more categorical: health comes first, even before the Olympic Games. “We are talking about global public health. I am ready to adapt to any situation. If the Games have to be postponed to protect the athletes and all those who revolve around this magnificent organization, I am ready to do so “, advances the interior of 32 years.

Same observation for the tennis player Lucas Pouille. Even if he trains in a private residence equipped with a tennis court, the 58th world player does not plan to go to the Games in this context: “French athletes do not have the opportunity to train, to prepare properly”.

Today, we are unable to say when structures like INSEP or clubs can reopen so that athletes can train.Lucas Pouille, 58th in the world in the ATP rankingat franceinfo

“It is a little tricky to keep the Games when the athletes do not have the possibility of being 100% ready. I think that maintaining the Games throughout the year is impossible, so rather organize it. 'next year”, believes the Northerner.

For France volleyball team coach Laurent Tillie, the deal is over, he no longer believes in a trip to Tokyo this summer with the Blues, despite the chances of a medal: “It’s a big, big disappointment because we were focusing on this competition. For once, we had qualified early, we had time to imagine, to prepare, to set up a program. But there, everything risks being turned upside down “, laments the coach.

When will they be moved? When ? End of year 2020, 2021, or even 2022? I am too struck to have an idea, an opinion.Laurent Tillie, coach of the French Volleyball teamat franceinfo

After consulting the athletes, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee will probably call for the postponement of the Olympic Games in the early afternoon.


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