Legacy of Johnny Hallyday: good news for Laeticia

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For the sake of appeasement, David Hallyday and his sister Laura Smet decided not to pay the legal fees to their mother-in-law.

“We welcome the return of serenity in this issue that needed it”. Interrogates by RTLPierre-Jean Douvier, the lawyer for David Hallyday, welcomes the calm that seems to have returned to the file of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday. It is Laeticia Hallyday who announced his will to calm the game a few weeks ago by revealing that it would not appeal the decision of the court of Nanterre. The court ruled in favor of David Hallyday and Laura Smet in holding the French court responsible for this case.

The other camp also made a move in the same direction, reveal RTL and The Parisian. The lawyers had an appointment before the Court of Appeal of Versailles, where the hearing lasted only seven minutes, explains Le Parisien. The time for Laeticia Halliday's lawyers to confirm that she would finally not appeal. In response, Laura and David's lawyers announced that their clients were giving up paying their legal fees to their mother-in-law. According to Le Parisien, these costs amounted to 7,000 euros. “With Læticia Hallyday's new team of lawyers, wisdom and lucidity have returned, we have regained serenity, and we salute their awareness and their courage,” said Douvier in the newspaper's column.

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Lawyers on both sides, however, have not publicly discussed possible negotiations for an agreement to avoid having to go to court. The hearing of December 6 before the Court of Appeal of Versailles will only serve to settle some formalities between the two parties, before a new appointment on December 12, this time at the court of Nanterre. Lawyers will be required to submit their submissions for oral argument, which should not take place until 2020 at a date yet to be determined. Unless an agreement is reached by then between the two elders and the widow of the Taulier.

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