little hiccups in the launch of the Walt Disney streaming platform

These small technical problems can be explained by a “greater affluence than its highest expectations”, according to Walt Disney.

Walt Disney launched Tuesday, November 12, its streaming video platform Disney +, challenging Netflix and other players in this market that has revolutionized the consumption of movies and other fiction. On the first day of operation in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands, the platform has encountered technical difficulties, according to Disney, the influx higher than its highest expectations.

Disney + allows, for 7 dollars per month in the United States, access to a rich catalog of half a thousand films and 7,500 episodes of series. “The demand for Disney + has exceeded our highest expectations (…) We are aware of problems currently faced by users and we are working to reduce them quickly”said the company in a statement.

These temporary problems, says Clement Thibault, an analyst at, are especially the sign that the Disney platform has raised very high expectations. “Large launches often encounter setbacks when consumers struggle to be the first to benefit from a given service”he adds. On Wall Street, Disney's share price ended up 1.35% while the shares of its great rival Netflix lost 1.2%.

The arrival of Disney as well as the entry of Apple TV + on this market announces great maneuvers. Number one of the online video content (movies, series, documentaries), Netflix, which claims 148 million paying subscribers worldwide, has promised to put online some 62 new productions in the fourth quarter alone, including The Irishman, Martin Scorsese's latest film.

Last year, Reed Hastings, a platform run and co-founded, spent $ 7.5 billion ($ 6.6 billion) on program production, a budget that will have increased again this year.


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