LIVE: Trump announces “horrible” period in the USA

After six patients from Haut-Rhin on March 25 and Thirty-six patients from Ile-de-France on April 1, several dozen patients from Ile-de-France will be transferred to Brittany. In total, according to the DGS, more than 550 patients in critical condition have been evacuated since March 18.

Confined since March 17 to fight the spread of the epidemic, France has recorded 441 additional deaths in the last 24 hours in hospital, less than Friday with the worst daily toll since the start of the epidemic (588 dead). Taking into account the 2,028 deaths in nursing homes and other medico-social establishments, this brings to 7,560 the total death toll due to this virus. On Saturday, more than 6,800 people were in intensive care. As the peak of the epidemic “draws near”, according to the Director General of Health, the French are asked not to relax the effort of confinement and to spend at home the Easter holidays, which began this weekend .

7:00 a.m. The State will provide the financial means to avoid the “sinking” of the economy

The state will provide “the necessary financial resources as long as the crisis lasts”, to avoid “a sinking” of the economy linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire in the Journal du Dimanche. “I prefer that we go into debt today, avoiding a shipwreck, rather than let whole sections of our economy be destroyed, “he said in an interview with JDD.

According to the minister, “over eight days, 20 billion euros in loans” guaranteed by the state were “requested by more than 100,000 companies”. To help companies overcome the shock of confinement, the state announced that it would guarantee up to 300 billion euros in bank loans, the equivalent of 15% of French gross domestic product (GDP). In addition, 5 million employees benefit from partial unemployment and “in three days, 450,000 small businesses have applied for the solidarity fund,” said Bruno Le Maire, adding that these devices “will be replenished as necessary”. The solidarity fund set up by the State provides 1,500 euros maximum compensation for small businesses having suffered at least 50% drop in turnover compared to March and April 2019, plus aid of 2,000 euros granted on a case-by-case basis for those threatened with bankruptcy.

Asked about the situation of Air France, he said he had sent Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe “a list of around twenty weakened strategic companies and solutions to help them: loan guarantees, capital increase, recapitalization, and , as a last resort, nationalization “. He recalled that “none of the big companies that appeal to the State for their cash will have to pay a dividend” and invited the other big companies “to reduce by at least a third the payment of dividends in 2020”.

And he also called on executives to “make an effort” by lowering their wages when workers who are unemployed receive only 84% of their net earnings. Mr. Le Maire said that he had written to all of the companies in which the State had a stake, and that he had received “positive responses from the presidents of Air France and Safran.

5:00 a.m. 63,000 dead worldwide, Trump announces a “horrible” period in the USA

Donald Trump warned the Americans that the United States, already hard hit by the scourge, was entering a “horrible” period. At least 63,437 deaths have been recorded worldwide, including more than 46,000 in Europe, the continent most affected, according to an AFP report established from official sources on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

In the rapidly growing pandemic in the United States, the number of confirmed cases of infection exceeds 300,000, and President Trump has warned that the United States is now entering “a period that will be truly horrible”, with “de very bad numbers. ” “It will probably be the hardest week,” said Trump during a White House briefing. “There are going to be many deaths,” he added. With 15,362 deaths, Italy is currently the country with the most deaths in the world, followed by Spain (11,744), the United States (8,098), France (7,560) and the United Kingdom (4,313) .

2:20 a.m. Queen Elizabeth II to salute British behavior

Queen of England Elisabeth II will greet the British response to the challenge launched by the coronavirus on Sunday evening during a solemn address, an extremely rare act on the part of the sovereign. “I hope that in the years to come, everyone can be proud of the way in which we have taken up this challenge,” said the queen, according to extracts published on Saturday by her services. “And those who will succeed us will say that the British of this generation were as strong as the others”, and “that the qualities of self-discipline, benevolent determination and camaraderie always characterize this country”, will add the head of the 'State during a “deeply personal” speech, according to its services.

This television address broadcast Sunday at 7:00 p.m. GMT to the attention of the British and Commonwealth nations is only the fourth since the start of the 68-year reign of Elizabeth II. The speech was recorded at Windsor Castle, west of London, where the Queen and her husband Prince Philip have lived since March 19. Aged 93 and 98 respectively, they are part of the population at risk. Those around them assured that the couple were in good health and were following government directives. Their heir son Charles (71) contracted the disease, but was recently released from quarantine and is also in good health.

The royal intervention will take place the day after the announcement of a new daily record of 708 additional deaths of patients affected by Covid-19 in the United Kingdom, including a 5-year-old child. This brings the total to 4,313 people who have died in UK hospitals since the start of the epidemic. A total of 41,903 positive cases have been officially reported in the country. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been infected himself.

1 a.m. Pressure drops on hospitals, hope is reborn in Italy

As Americans prepare for the worst, the number of intensive care patients in Italy declined for the first time on Saturday. The figure fell back below 4,000 (3,994 against 4,068 the day before). It had never dropped since the end of February and the explosion of the pandemic on the peninsula, which remains the most mourning country in the world, according to official figures (more than 15,000 dead). According to the daily report, 681 people lost their lives in 24 hours in Italy, a figure still impressive but also down, by more than 10% compared to Friday (766). With 15,362 deaths, Italy is the country with the most deaths in the world, followed by Spain (11,744).

10:00 p.m. Soaring deaths in New York, calling for help

The State of New York, epicenter of the new coronavirus in the United States, launched Saturday a call for the mobilization of all the health professionals, after having suffered its heaviest losses since the beginning of the epidemic. The United States crossed the barrier of 300,000 cases on Saturday, more than a third of which are located in New York State alone, which today totals almost as many Covid-19 patients as Italy or Spain. The state, where the country's largest city is located, recorded 630 new deaths in one day, its worst record in 24 hours, and now deplores 3,565 deaths out of the more than 8,100 recorded in the United States.

Unlike Spain and Italy, where the balance sheets are heavier, “we have not yet reached the peak” of the epidemic, said Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference. “But we are getting closer,” he added, citing estimates ranging from four to fourteen days before hoping for a slowdown in contamination. To avoid congestion in hospitals at the height of the crisis, local authorities are engaged in a race against the clock to strengthen their capacities.


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