Lubrizol: a report of offense transmitted to the prosecutor's office

A statement of offense against the company Lubrizol was sent to the prosecutor's office following the inspection after the fire at the chemical plant in Rouen, it was reported Saturday at the regional directorate 'environment.

“We finalized the inspection report on Lubrizol on the 28th (October),” Patrick Berg, Regional Director for the Environment, said Wednesday during a hearing before the information mission of the National Assembly.

“The inspection report gave rise (…) to a project of setting, of conformity (…) and I also transmitted (…) to the prosecutor, to the prosecutor a report of Lubrizol operator offense, “he added, without further specifying the nature of the offense.

Contacted Saturday, the prefecture of Seine-Maritime was not able to reveal the nature of the offense found in Lubrizol.

In a previous hearing before the information mission of the National Assembly, Patrick Berg had already reported having transmitted to the prosecutor's report containing “the record of several criminal offenses” at Normandie Logistique, a neighboring company Lubrizol, also affected by the fire of September 26th. Normandie Logistique then said regret “that the administration confuses the subjects and sort of prerogatives (…) by sowing confusion in an already complex file”.

A total of 9,505 tonnes of products, mostly chemicals, burned at Lubrizol, classified Seveso high threshold, and Normandie Logistique.


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