Macron warns that May 11 will be an “important” step, but not the return to normal

He wanted to take advantage of his speech to discuss a other important date in may. Emmanuel Macron stressed Friday that May 11 would be “an important step” with the start of deconfinement but not the transition “to a normal life”, on the occasion of a reception at the Elysée to thank “the whole agricultural world “.

“May 11 will be an important step obviously. And we will also be there in the long term because May 11 will not be the transition from a current state to normal life,” said the head of state.

“There will be a recovery that will have to be organized”

“There will be a recovery that will have to be organized and therefore support that will have to continue”, he added, in the presence of the Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume, the president of the Rungis market Stéphane Layani and representatives of the horticultural sector, in the midst of a crash of lily of the valley producers paralyzed by the closure of florists.

Emmanuel Macron said he wanted, in an empathetic tone, by this bit of thrush shared at the Elysée Palace, to try “to break all the frustration of the florists who will not have been able to offer, all the sadness of the children” who will not have could go buy it and “the solitude of so many of our elders” who will not have received it

Tribute to the agricultural world

The President of the Republic wanted to “pay tribute to the entire agricultural world and the entire food chain”, citing horticulture, market gardening, fishing, processing companies and all of the logistics and distribution.

“It held out and in this period our people were fed,” he said.

Stéphane Layani pointed out to him the “incredible feat” of the sector. “We brought 20 million French people from the canteen or company restaurant to their homes”

“First consequence, people felt that it was more expensive. There was also a form of casualization,” he added, stressing that 800 tonnes had been donated.

The French “have changed more local. It will be necessary in the long term to continue on these virtues”, hailed Emmanuel Macron.


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