Majority MP Sonia Krimi “drastically disagree” with the government on “how to see immigrants”

LREM MP Sonia Krimi says she is “questioning about measures to restrict access to the rights of migrants”.

MEP Sonia Krimi, the French MEP, expressed on Franceinfo her disagreement with certain migratory measures announced by the Prime Minister on Wednesday (November 6th). Édouard Philippe recalled that“we must assume the collective character of construction” of these measures. “Being on construction together does not mean that we agree on everything,” retaliated a few minutes later Sonia Krimi on franceinfo.

“I am questioning about measures to restrict access to the rights of migrants”said Sonia Krimi on franceinfo. For example, it will not vote for the introduction of a waiting period of three months before asylum seekers can access universal health coverage (PUMa, basic social security). The government has also announced the need for prior approval by the Secu for certain non-urgent acts in the context of state medical aid (MEA), a measure that the MP will not vote either.

“We are drastically disagree on the way of seeing things, Sonia Krimi continues. I do not see immigrants as horrible people. All the taxis, all the housekeepers, all the doctors, that's the immigrants, of which I am also a part (…) I do not agree with this way of seeing immigrants in France because I simply 'part of it'.

Sonia Krimi supports the idea of ​​quotas: “put quotas on trades.” “There are certain measures that I share (…) to facilitate the employment of immigrants or to facilitate the granting of a residence permit to unaccompanied minors”said Sonia Krimi.


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