Managers, here are the sectors and functions that will recruit the most in 2020

296,600. This is the number of executives that private companies plan to recruit in 2020 (+ 5% over a year), according to the annual study by Apec published on Friday, February 14. Last year already, 281,000 executives were hired in France, “a record level,” said Gaël Bouron, the deputy head of the studies division at Apec, during a press briefing. The executives therefore still have a bright future ahead of them! Besides, Apec forecasts that the threshold of 300,000 executive recruitments will be reached as early as 2021 or 2022.

Even if “certain industrial sectors could be more affected than others by the slowdown in world trade and are being cautious,” said Apec in its study. This is the case, for example, for trade. Thus, the forecasts for 2020 show 23,130 recruitments of executives in this sector, i.e. an increase of only 2% over one year (22,670 recruitments in 2019). Zoom on recruitment trends in the 4 main sectors and for 26 functions.

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The functions that will recruit the most in services in 2020

The services sector will be the main contributor to executive recruitments in 2020 (218,530, or 74% of the total). And it should also be the sector experiencing the strongest annual momentum (+ 6%). Again this year, IT and telecommunications activities will hire the most (62,880 recruitments of executives planned). In last position, we find the activities of associative organizations, with a forecast of 4,110 hires for 2020.

The most recruiting positions in the industry in 2020

In industry, companies are also optimistic about their managerial recruitments in 2020 (+ 5%, to 41,160). In detail, it is in mechanics and metallurgy that hires will be the most numerous (8,750). This is followed by the automotive, aeronautical and other transport equipment (6,130), as well as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries (5,820).

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The functions that will recruit the most in construction in 2020

For the construction sector, after a “destruction” of managerial jobs in 2019 (-2%), recruitments are expected to start again this year (+ 5%, at 13,780). This increase should be “mainly driven by specialized construction work, in particular in connection with the Grand Paris projects”, anticipates Apec.

The functions that will recruit the most in commerce in 2020

As said above, the trade sector should do a little worse than the other 3 this year. “Trade is the most wait-and-see sector: the expected increase in executive recruitments is both the smallest (+ 2%) and much less intense than that recorded in 2019 (+ 6%)”, details Apec. And it is in particular the generalist distribution that is fishing, since it plans a contraction in its recruitments (2,250, against a range going from 2,580 to 2,720 in 2019).

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