Managers: the 15 functions that recruited the most in 2019

Always higher! Some 296,000 executive recruitments are expected in 2020, compared to 281,300 in 2019, according to the Association for the employment of executives (Apec), which estimates that the 300,000 mark will be reached in 2021-2022. “All the functions, all the trades, all the sectors are in search of candidates, observes Chantal Bérard, head hunter at Boyden. Including in functions such as human resources or the supply chain, poor parents of recent years.”

A dynamic driven by investments, digital transformation and reindustrialisation, as confirmed by our first barometer of executive employment produced exclusively by Cadreo, the job site for executives of HelloWork. “Everyone is looking for T profiles, observes François Leverger, its managing director, with very broad skills, but also a significant level of expertise on certain subjects.”

First to benefit from this dynamic: IT specialists, and more specifically new profiles such as product owners or chief products for the most senior. As Daniel Hansberger, founder of the recruitment firm Who explains, “These are profiles between tech and business. They can not only create an application or e-commerce sites, but also coordinate their deployment.” Another expanding function, according to Christelle Pradier, director of recruitment at SSII Sopra Steria, “experienced architects who have a global vision of computer systems and who play the role of assemblers”. “We also need,” she said, “cybersecurity and artificial intelligence specialists, including data professionals to” train the robots “to speed up task automation.”

Popular IT specialists

These sizes are also welcomed with open arms in audit and advice. Pierre Constant, EY partner in charge of recruitment, will integrate 2,500 new employees in 2020. “Just yesterday, he notes, the auditors were working with sampling techniques. Current computer systems give them a global analysis of the problems, therefore an overview. Provided you are comfortable with the data. ” While waiting to equip all its listeners with these skills, the firm has created a new “hub” for those who master data and data visualization tools. Same development at Mazars, where digital and tech specialists join the consulting activities to support the IT departments of their clients.

High-tech industries, like Thales, are also fond of these high-end engineers. “We mainly recruit specialists in the fields of software and hardware R&D (embedded real time, electronics, signal processing),” illustrates Vincent Mattei, Talent Acquisition France director for the group. We are particularly looking for experienced profiles in system engineering or software like software architects, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity or quantum physics experts. “

Similar profiles are acclaimed in design and engineering offices, a sign of the good health of the industry in full recovery in France. Assystem will thus recruit 1,500 managers in 2020. For Emmanuelle Capiez, her HR manager, “these offers are aimed at engineers in mechanical engineering, electronics, embedded systems, security specialists or digital models …”

Pampered hybrid profiles

If, alone, according to Apec, IT, R&D and consulting represent 50% of job vacancies, the digital and technological revolution is also impacting a number of traditional functions and trades. Hybrid profiles mastering the use of digital tools applied to their own profession are indeed pampered by all employers … “No single communications officer or marketing manager can today be recruited if he is not at the comfortable with social networks, CRM or digital marketing “, lists Claire Romanet, founder of the recruitment agency Elaee, specializing in this type of profile. In addition, the positions of communications managers are evolving towards influencer functions and integrate skills that were previously rather unique to marketing managers. “

In human resources, jobs of recruiters of technological profiles also appeared. “The take-off of these hires, observes Coralie Rachet, director general of the recruitment firm Robert Walters, comes from the desire of companies to strengthen their policy in terms of identifying talents in a shortage market.”

Enhanced support functions

Because we have to respond to the other strong demand today: the strengthening of support functions to support digital transformation. In logistics and the supply chain, job vacancies have accompanied the explosion of e-commerce. With money remaining the sinews of war, employers are also looking for financial profiles. “They ask us for management controllers and accountants to better study where the added value is created and follow the evolution of the accounts, describes Sophie Joannes, senior manager at Fed Finance. These two are all the more in tension as the turn -over resumed. ” Retirement has prompted some banks, such as the Ile-de-France Savings Bank, to recruit financial advisers. “We also need senior business executives or debt structuring specialists,” said Bertrand Blanpain, president of Arkea Bank Corporate and Institutional. But overall, job creations in this sector are increasingly turning towards fintechs and neobanks.

More than ever, sales executives are on the front line. “On the one hand, there are business developers looking for new business, and on the other, in the sales departments, professionals in charge of structuring points of sale, highlights Sabine Mota, manager at Fed Business. And many recruitments concern relations between companies and suppliers. ” Because from upstream to downstream, companies are consolidating their processes to gain efficiency. “In large groups, positions are created around commercial efficiency, confirms Chantal Bérard. They are entrusted to experienced executives responsible for setting up the processes to obtain the best possible results.” The proliferation of regulations with all the new standards, particularly in IT security, but also compliance obligations, meanwhile, resulted in an increase in the recruitment of lawyers, according to Fed Legal.

Easy walkways

In this globally shortage market, companies use all channels and bet on all profiles, accepting adjustments in experience or diploma in sectors in tension. According to Apec, 74,000 executives with more than ten years of experience were recruited in 2019, while only 68,000 had been anticipated. Employers are also opening the door for those considering retraining. “We are ready to train highly motivated candidates, recalls Christelle Pradier. And we are looking at their ability to integrate into new universes.” Charlotte Gouiard, head of recruitment at Mazars, insists on behavioral skills: “We are looking above all for people who want to learn.” The scarcity of available profiles also leads to greater porosity between traditional companies and start-ups, the former benefiting from the strength of the latter to become more agile. A win-win approach.

Caption: If IT functions and design / R & D offices related to digitalization and technological developments represented a third of the offers in 2019, their average progression of 23% compared to 2018 remains lower than that of the job offers in industry, from R&D to maintenance, including engineering and production. These have experienced an average acceleration of 30% in one year and are close behind the offers dedicated to tech profiles. French industry has clearly started its reconquest phase, even if it is more visible for the moment in the design offices than in the workshops. Witness the jump of 43% of offers in industrial engineering. As in 2018, job vacancies in the commercial functions were the top three employers in 2019. Representing 19% of the ads overall, they increased by 22% in one year, far ahead of the support functions.

Two exclusive classifications

This first barometer of executive employment produced exclusively for Challenges was built by HelloWork from an analysis of executive job offers published on its employment and recruitment platform for executives and managers Cadreo between January 1 and December 31, 2019 and 2018. Two exclusive rankings emerged. The first concerns the 15 most dynamic and job-creating functions in 2019 for executives. For each of these functions, the Top-6 of the most dynamic professions in terms of offers have been identified as well as their evolution compared to 2018.

The second ranking concerns the regions, their attractiveness and their dynamism in terms of framework job offers. In terms of the scope of the survey, 169,000 offers disseminated in 2019 versus 142,000 in 2018 were analyzed by HelloWork, for which recruiters transmitted their offers defined by a certain number of criteria (job, level of qualification, salary ), which determine their eligibility for framework status. The job description then feeds the HelloWork business repository, built and enriched from the offers published and regularly analyzed by teams of data and semantic web experts, which can be found in the list of 15 functions. The tables only deal with positions located in France.


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