March against Islamophobia: the divided political class

The march against Islamophobia was held Sunday, November 10. A mobilization that has particularly divided the political class. “Clearly, this demonstration embarrasses the French political class, to the point of having to justify itself, at least for those who signed the call to protest, which had been published by Liberation “, estimates Martin Baumer, of the political service of France Televisions. If Jean-Luc Mélenchon organized a press conference, François Ruffin, he acknowledged half-word not to have read the forum before signing it. Atmosphere clearance also on the side of EELV, because Yannick Jadot himself signed the said forum. Each time the argument is the same: “You point to the words or certain figures, but you forget the reason why we mobilized. “

We will look for a sentence, a person who has signed, but overall, the bottom of the problem is the fight against fragmentation, the blacklisting of part of the French population“, said Damien Carême, MEP EELV, former mayor of Grande-Synthe.Among the signatories, the CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia in France), considered by some as related to the Muslim Brotherhood. That's why the PS does not have to associate with this movement. Same argument for Marine Le Pen (RN) to justify his absenceMartin Baumer says, but beyond the signatories, there are certain words used in the rostrum that are problematic, including the 2004 law against religious outward signs at school, including the veil, described as “liberticidal” in this text.


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