Marie Laforêt, the “golden-eyed girl”, died at the age of 80

A tone of voice, a silhouette and a look. Marie Laforêt, these are the hits of French chanson from the time of the hit parade. It was a rare talk in what was called “show business”. Marie Laforêt was born in the 1930s into a bourgeois family. Nothing predestined her to become a singer or actress, but the cinema will decide otherwise.

Full Sun presents an incandescent duel between Alain Delon, 25, and Marie Laforêt, 21 years old. Then, alongside Jean-Paul Belmondo, in front of Claude Chabrol or Jean-Pierre Mocky's camera, 35 films will be released in theaters. Marie Laforêt liked to make fun of her. She always did what she wanted. She always said that her career was made up of odds and ends, but with her roles and songs, the golden-eyed girl will be remembered.

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